Unit Plans

Compañeras Creativas offers complete unit plans. These units cover a selected topic for a specific level: beginning, intermediate or advanced. Each unit covers a complete series of lessons for a period of 1 to 2 weeks. Lessons include a teacher plan, student activities and appropriate support materials. The teacher simply makes copies and begins to teach. Lessons are set up for a 40 minute class period and include a variety of teaching techniques, activities and assessments.

The lessons are categorized by:    Beginner



                                                           All Levels

If a teacher is having difficulty with a certain topic, grammatical or cultural, Compañeras will write a customized plan.
Email us for details: companerascreativas@gmail.com

All issue descriptions may be found in the Store.

All units are copyrighted and are meant for exclusive use of the purchaser, not to be shared with other colleagues.