Welcome to the home of Compañeras Creativas.  Our monthly magazine for Spanish language teachers, Lecciones Instantáneas, provides detailed, ready-to-use lesson plans. Every issue of Lecciones contains one lesson plan for each level:  (A) beginning, (B) intermediate and (C) advanced. Most issues include topical graphics for making overheads, games or flashcards.  New issues of Lecciones Instantáneas  are published each month during the school year from September through June. 

Compañeras also publishes unit plans
that the teacher can use instantly. These unit plans:

  • are topical or cultural
  • cover the curriculum
  • address the National Standards
  • include authentic assessment projects 
  • include rubrics

If you need a lesson or unit quickly, they are here for you!  Download your FREE lesson plan here!

Compañeras Creativas offers several  workshops and training sessions that are consistently rated as very effective in helping foreign language staffs improve instruction. Our workshops have also served as useful tools for administrators in organizing their teams. We are happy to customize workshops to meet your specific needs.

Our Spanish materials and instructional techniques have a proven track record of bringing successful results to teachers and students. We know that standards can be reached and surpassed.  Success for the teacher and program leads to our shared final goal….success for the students.