Volumen 3

Volumen 3 Número 1

This issue includes the graphics for school materials, a FLES lesson on colors, a beginning unit on getting to know your classmates using personal adjectives, creating a portfolio, a rubric for reading comprehension and a detailed worksheet on getting to know your textbook.

V3N01 $10.00

Volumen 3 Número 2

This issue includes the graphics for the Day of the Dead,  beginning flashcards, a concentration game, a beginning description in English and Bingo game, an interdepartmental project and an advanced reading and resesarch  project on José Guadalupe Posada.

V3N02 $10.00

Volumen 3 Número 3

This issue includes a beginning unit on fairy tale characters and the “tener” expressions, a crossword puzzle on fairy tale vocabulary, a skit “Snow White,” and an advanced/AP lesson on writing your own fairy tale using the preterit and imperfect.

V3N03 $10.00

Volumen 3 Número 4

This issue includes the graphics for Christmas, a FLES lesson on the tradition of the “piñata,” a beginning Christmas scavenger hunt, an intermediate/advanced interview with a Mexican student that compares a US and Mexican Christmas, an advanced unit of the origin of the piñata and a description of how to make a “piñata.”

V3N04 $10.00

Volumen 3 Número 5

This issue includes the graphics for sports, a beginning project on age, dates and invitations, an intermediate project on improving reading skills, a worksheet on student evaluation of lessons and an advanced project on the interpretation of poetry.

V3N05 $10.00

Volumen 3 Número 6

This issue includes the graphics for a wedding, a beginning writing project on a wedding invitation and game, an intermediate preterit/imperfect project creating a story of your childhood with rubrics, an advanced  project about the quinceañera in México with rubrics.

V3N06 $10.00

Volumen 3 Número 7

This issue includes the graphics for travel, a beginning lesson on creating a travel poster with rubric, a reading aloud rubric, an intermediate speaking project on planning a vacation with rubrics, an advanced research project creating a travel brochure, a travel tic tac toe and a travel crossword puzzle. 

V3N07 $10.00

Volumen 3 Número 8

This issue includes the graphics for clothing, a beginning project using clothing, colors, seasons and “llevar”, an intermediate research project on the Mayas with rubrics, a student created reference guide to organize grammar study and an an intermediate/advanced Easter project using the preterit and imperfect.

 V3N08 $10.00

Volumen 3 Número 9

This issue includes the graphics for vegetables, a beginning end of the year review, a intermediate/advanced end of the year grammar review list, and an advanced news research project with speaking and project rubrics.

V3N09 $10.00

Volumen 3 Número 10

This issue includes the graphics for animals, a beginning review game, a beginning/intermediate research project on Texas with rubrics, an advanced writing project on Denevi and an advanced reading/speaking project on Salisachs.

V3N010 $10.00

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