Volumen 6

 Volumen 6 Número 1

This issue begins with the graphics for the city.   The beginning/intermediate lesson uses a map and dialogue to practice giving directions with rubrics.   The  intermediate lesson is a reseach lesson of an Hispanic city with rubric.  The advanced lesson, with rubric,  prepares a debate on news from an Hispanic newspaper.

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Volumen 6 Número 2

This issue begins with the graphics for family and domestic animals.  The beginning lesson is a project using the family tree.   The  intermediate lesson features “ser/estar”.  The advanced lesson provides information on the state of Michoacán, México, and the Day of the Dead.

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Volumen 6 Número 3

This issue begins with the graphics for making a calendar, a beginning lesson featuring a month-long project using the weather, seasons, numbers, colors and “me gusta.”   The  intermediate lesson features a TPR activity using reflexive and future tense verbs.  The advanced lesson is a business letter writing project with rubric requesting information from selected embassies.

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Volumen 6 Número 4

This issue includes the graphics for stores, currency exchange chart, a shopping board game, a beginning lesson on comparatives and currency exchange, an intermediate lesson for a telephone conversation with rubric and an advanced lesson using the board game.  The board game is made using a file folder and index cards.

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Volumen 6 Número 5

This issue includes the graphics for music, a beginning lesson uses music and sports to compare “tocar” and “jugar”, a beginning interactive activity, an intermediate lesson uses popular CD descriptions as reading comprehension activities and an advanced lesson bases on a current events article followed by a debate of artists’ lives.

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Volumen 6 Número 6

This issue includes the graphics for food and table settings, a beginning lesson uses “pedir” and a “tapas” restaurant conversation with rubric,  an intermediate project presenting a recipe with rubric and an intermediate/advanced lesson practicing “faltar” and similar verbs with rubric.

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Volumen 6 Número 7

This issue is a cultural presentation of the Dominican Republic.  It includes the graphics that support the cultural reading, a FLES coloring project, a map with rubric, a recipe and an advanced reading about Dominican music.

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Volumen 6 Número 8

This issue includes the graphics for baseball, a baseball game, a beginning project creating baseball cards with rubric, an intermediate lesson about professional baseball players with rubric, a review of interrogatives and the preterit and an advanced research/listening comprehension exercise.

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Volumen 6 Número 9

This issue contains the graphics for clothing accessories and focuses on the Quinceañera. It includes a Quinceañera game, a beginning/intermediate oral project on “ropa de fiesta” with rubric, an intermediate research project on the Quinceañera and an advanced reading lesson.

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Volumen 6 Número 10

This issue includes the graphics for travel, a beginning lesson dealing with train schedules, a beginning oral project with rubric, an intermediate project on air travel and trip problems using the past tense and an advanced presentation based on a TV History Channel program with rubrics.

V6N010 $10.00

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